Location : Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Type : Office, Headquarter

Area :  49,410㎡

Stories :  B5, 10F

Complete :  2013

Status :  Competition 1st

Project Description :

Dreaming of the future technology hub of South Korea since 2005, the site is located in Pangyo Techno Valley, the east side facing the Geumto stream that can breathe physically and visually in this natural environment, environmental conditions that the absence of an artificial context as Tabula rasa works such as a main factor can visualize the programmatic characteristics of the SK Com actively, and it emerged the most attractive the natural environment of the Geumto stream than anywhere.

This approach visualizes Space Bundle and Void Program, Space Bundle is placed on the earth intersects outside and inside of a continuous flow, the intersections make a multi-layer public space and the penetration in space is moving and extending Space Bundle horizontally at the same time. The lateral deformation of Space Bundle creates multi-layer outdoor space, it can breathe with the Geumto stream aggressively and grants dynamic on the site and surrounding flow.

This building goes away from the physical constraint and it’ll be the huge flow that can breathe surroundings