Location : Seoul, Korea

Type : Office, Retail

Area :  168,050

Stories :  B8, 32F

Complete :  2010

Status : Construction Document, LEED Design, Design Supervision

Project Description :

This area is at the core of Seoul’s financial district. There are many financial institutions, investment bank, and insurance companies, including headquarters for the major company. The project had been planned the office building for global companies by the international standard.

Yin and Yang are complementary opposites of a greater whole. The project, the concept of Yin and Yang is chosen to signify the harmony, balance, interdependence and duplicities of building’s two towers. The end result is a dynamic composition that comes together as one. We had designed the creative office space by the modular planning, core views, the sky garden, the atrium and the green design.

The building have become one of the attraction around the Cheonggyecheon area for the remarkable appearance, the beautiful atrium, the observatory and others.