Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Type : Residential, Office, Retail, Mixed-Use

Area :  191,835㎡

Stories :  B3, 29F

Complete :  2014

Status :  Schematic Design

Project Description :

From a wide scope the surrounding of the target area and Yangon is covered with green spaces and creeks which form smooth curves that makes big flows connecting the city. So respecting these curves is the first main structure of the site.

As researching Myanmar and yangon, we thought that the Peacock, which is nation bird and a symbol of peace, has a architecture organic form. So we chose the Peacock as a concept of the site. The Feather of the Peacock has a architecture organic form. The smooth curves supports the total form and the feathers growing form these curves share similar mechanism with the form of the block. We are suggesting this architecture metaphor as the main concept.