Location : Da Nang, Vietnam

Type : Office, Retail

Area :  5km

Complete :  2015

Status : International Competition 1st

Project Description :

We decided to make the flat water edge (boundary of the river) more dynamic which will make the water front more water friendly. The dynamic waterfront will make various spaces for various activities. The Nodes and open spaces are in a line form. So by continually adding green spaces in the city image the line form has to be changed in to a face form. And Han river only has 5% of green space. We will increase the ratio of eco-friendly spaces up to 10% and respond to global climate changes and make a pleasant waterfront. Dragon Bridge and Danang city hall can be assumed as the landmark of the area. We pointed out a few focal points that can be landmarks that form city axis. And the landmarks won’t be only high but some will be unique spaces that will make special experience.