Location : Ngoc Liep, Vietnam

Type : Urban Design, Master Plan

Area :  2,352,000㎡

Complete :  2008

Status : Detailed Construction Planning, Urban Design Guideline

Project Description :

Key issues in Ngoc Liep are preservation of existing settlements and socio-economic activities after development. There are 4 Conspicuous characteristics in this project. First, JINA Architects make ‘Ha Tay Forest’ which is 300ha waterfront and green area with Tich river as center for living in pleasant surrounding. Second, Master Plan consist of one administrative center and three town center. This urban spaticial configuration achieves balance development at Dong Truc – Ngoc Liep. Third, Harmonious residencial area between new residencial area and existing settlement. Finally, eco-friendly and economic plan as service land and high-tech agriculture for securing self-sufficiecny and sustainability.