Location : Ha Noi, Vietnam

Type : Office, Retail, Mixed-Use

Area :  190,288㎡

Stories :  B5, 35F

Complete :  2010

Status :  International Competition 1st

Project Description :

The city is made up of the citizen’s activity. The Activity means a movement, and it can be the most significant element of making the city alive. Shopping, watching the movie, enjoying a delicious cuisine and drinking in a bar, all the movements of citizen leave the trace of their trajectory with time and in time. As every live things make their formal language a curvature rather than rigid body, the bowl which takes the culture and entertainment, mixed-use complex could be considered as a live body to interact actively with cultural movement. Therefore, we have focused on the cultural movement and flow and our form-making process is started from seeking a latent flows in the site. This complex building will be a leader and be a center of cultural activity in Hanoi city. The place gathering human and nature, we call it as a Green Spiral.