Location : Shuavalan, Azerbaijan

Type : Master Plan, urban Desing

Area :  446ha

Complete :  2017

Status :  Concept Design

Project Description :

A shape of Azerbaijan which is located in west of Caspian sea is similarly to  a bird. Azerbaijan has historical facts, be the birthplace of Zoroastrianism and abundant petroleum, natural gas. So, we find a new concept, Phoenix. This concept include an ambition of  Azerbaijan, being a center of Caspian sea.

We propose a metropolitan with Baku as the center, Shuavalan, Sumqayit and Alyat. The metropolitan will growth up through 5 main road network inland; from Russia, Balck Sea, Tbilish, Yerevan, Iran; 4 ferry routes in ocean; from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran. We suggest a tourism and alternative energies instead of a Petroleum and natural gas. Vision of new city is a Energy Hub, Cross Cultural Hub, Green Community Hub.