Location : Da Nang, Vietnam

Type : Master Plan

Area :  210Ha

Complete :  2007

Status :  Detailed Construction Planning, Urban Design Guideline

Project Description :

In design, Danang D-City Masterplan include a golf course scale to opening a international game to seeing a various view of sea and river. And it have not only luxury hotel but also convention covering a international forum. Landmark building, hotel, is located on the sea. It is planned a town house, apartment and international school . The plan is aimed to succeed a self-contained city. We look for an icon of Danang to many tourists which taking a Danang international airport.

Our New town id very highly regarded from People’s committee. Daewon get a approval of Detailed Planning 1/500 based on Detailed Planning 1/2000. And we will design a New town in Ho Chi Minh City through this project.