Location : Pyeongtaek-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Type : Commercial, Residential Cultural Area, Master Plan

Area :  50ha

Complete :  2014

Status :  Draft Master Plan

Project Description :

Workscope of this service is establishing DMP base on development master plan to reflect implementation master plan. In detail main workscope are site survey and analysis, define special districts, strategic initiatives, development stratagy, diraction of DMP and establish DMP in each special districts

The role of DMP is sharing direction of development stretagy between stakeholders of each special district and giving positive consideration to three dimensional programs and funtion, location and scale, connection and application, maintenance of public domain.

– Attract facilities and scale
– Vertical landuse
– Organizatioin and design about public domain (street, plaza, park and so on)
– Gudeline on urban architecture
– Plan for infrasturture