Location : Imun-Dong, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul , Korea

Type : Education

Area :  220.330㎡

Stories :  B1, 3F

Complete :  2009

Status :  Competition 2nd

Project Description :

One of important things on a University campus is that takes a characteristic identity. Especially, it’s more important that was shown on main gate and main road. In case of HUFS, it used graphic emblem of Korean language initial ‘ㅇ’, ‘ㄷ’. Thereby, to quote from Korean language initial ‘ㅇ’, ‘ㄷ’ and English initial ‘H’ to a security office, a column of the main gate realizes the identity and then to cover upon these by a canopy is the main gate design proposal. The composition of transitional space on the main entrance of campus by this canopy reinforces the function of the main gate in downtown campus, sets a landscape frame of which views from the main entrance of campus to the main building.