Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Type : Hotel

Area :  12,997㎡

Stories :  B3, 3F

Complete :  2013

Status :  Schematic Design

Project Description :

Shipping container, generally used in logistics industry has many possibilities to transform its use to ‘living capsule’ as contemporary society demands more speedy and light life rather than anchored life. Despite of its many advantages, In order to use shipping container as other facilities like house, it should be carefully considered.

As a living space, Simple stacked containers have to be considered in terms of privacy and comfort. When applying stacking method, various space action can be taken by controlling units. Enough open spaces can be secured by voids.

Nomadic Barn
In the modern information society, the container is used for a variety of purposes, including residential, office, beyond the original purpose. Above all, the mobility of the container reflects the nomadic life. Therefore, the cold feel of the metal container boxes put in the form of a warm house to meet the reasonable demands and emotional needs of visitors.

Hotel ‘BARNTAINER’, Yangon
Container hotels can be  Imagined with cold metallic boxs which is not attractive. Now we should provide its own unique space and spatial experiences to visitors in ‘Barntainer‘ of Yangon. So they get unforgettable impression and will visit again.