Location : Yangon, Myanmar

Type : Hotel, Leisure

Stories :  B1, 6F

Complete :  2014

Status :  Schematic Design

Project Description :

Inya Lake Hotel has many advantages and potentials from its own location. The site is located in surroundings inya lake with highend residence, embassy, University. The site has extensive & attractive Green space. Also located along the main tourism and business axis and It is the only hotel around inya lake

The site can be divided into three zones. Usable area, unusable area and staff area. The usable area is facing the boundary of Inya lake and the bungalow Zone can be divided int to two area according to the develop planes.

By subdivide block zoning the most reasonable alternative was able to be concluded. The new clubhouse and current hotel will be the core of the site and three axis will be formed. The hotel and club house entrance will be placed where the axis meet, which make the two points the core of the resort. The second development axis will be form heading the east.